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A new innovation of environmental friendly air filter. Helps you saving fuel, Clean exhaust, Reduce waste and prolonged engine life. Suitable for all cars, sedan, truck, eco-car, etc.Quick and Easy to install in just 5 minutes.


Air Filter

Fabrix is design for replacing standard air filter, It's can reduced the capability of the engine performance if the dirt block air stream. Fabrix is specifically developed to achieve high airflow with high protection of dirt.


To protect the engine sustainably,

We developed the superior air filter

FABRIX that are washable and reusable. Help reducing

replacement cost and

reduce the number

of disposed air filters.

Fabrix air filter is designed for best airflow. Which help the engine to receive enough air to combust. With enough air, engine performed efficiently and minimized molecule residues. moreover, saves fuel exhaust clean air.

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